1:1 Coaching Programs - Feature Overview

Create, view and manage your 1:1 coaching programs

CoachVantage provides the nuts and bolts for you to easily create and sell your coaching programs (or packages) online, even if you don't have your website created just yet.

Note: Currently, CoachVantage supports one-on-one coaching programs only. This means that your program can be signed up by an individual coachee, and not by a group. (We're working on supporting Group Coaching, so stay tuned!)

When you create a coaching program in CoachVantage, we will automatically generate and host an online landing page or sign-up page.

On the sign-up page, clients can complete all the necessary steps such as filling out their personal information, e-sign your coaching agreement, make payment, schedule a session, etc.

The entire client enrolIment and onboarding process is therefore automated and seamless!

When you create a program from the 'Programs Page', we refer to it as a 'Standard Program'.

This article provides an overview of the Programs Page.

If you'd like to learn how to manage a coaching program with your clients, refer to the article "Managing a Coaching Program Engagement with your Contact".

How many program sign-up pages can you create?

The number of program sign-up pages that you can create depends on your CoachVantage subscription plan.

Clarity Plan:

You can create 2 active program sign-up pages (i.e. at any point in time, you can have up to 2 program sign-up pages that you can publish online for client sign-ups).

Aha Plan:

You can create unlimited active program sign-up pages.

Note: 'Inactive' and 'Draft' programs do not count towards the 'Active' program count.

(for more info about the difference between Active, Inactive and Draft programs, scroll to the bottom of this article)

Programs Feature Overview

To get to the Programs page, click 'Programs' on the left menu.

On the Programs page, you'll see:

  1. Your URL Link To All Programs
  2. Search bar & Sort icon
  3. Create New Program button
  4. View Enrollments button
  5. Program Cards
  6. Program Status tabs

1. Your URL Link to All Programs

The 'URL Link to All Programs' (see image above) is a webpage that lists all of your programs that you make available for clients to sign up to. Clients / prospects can select the program that they would like to sign up online.


The image below is an example of the 'All Programs' webpage:

When clients click the 'Sign Up Now' button, they will be redirected to the sign-up page for that specific program.

Refer to the article "What does my program sign-up page look like to clients?" for more details.


Clicking on the 3-dot button next to the URL link gives you the option to 'Copy Link' or 'Website Embed', as shown below:

1. Copy Link

Select 'Copy Link' to copy the URL link. You can then 'paste' the link where ever you like, such as in emails, on your social pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. When people click on the URL, they will be redirected to your All Programs webpage where they can select the program that they would like to sign up to.

2. Website Embed

Select 'Website Embed' if you would like to embed the All Programs webpage to your website, or to insert a 'Sign Up Now' button on your website.

A window opens up for you to copy a snippet of code, as shown below. Click on 'Copy' and then paste the code snippet into your website builder to generate the 'Sign Up Now' button, or to embed the entire sign-up page into your website.

Read How to Embed your Sign-up Page to your Website article to learn how to embed the landing page (also known as sign-up page) into your website.

2. Search Bar and Sort Icon

Use the search bar and type in the name of the program you're looking for.

Alternatively, you can sort your programs by alphabetical order or the recency of the coaching program.

3. Create New Program

Click on the 'Create New Program' button to create a new program.

Refer to the article "How to Create a Coaching Program" to learn how to create a coaching program.

4. View Enrollments

Click on the 'View Enrollments' button to view the client enrollments and status of all of your coaching programs, in one place.

5. Program Cards

Once a Coaching Program has been created and saved, a 'program card' will be displayed on the Programs page.

On the program card, the following details are displayed:

1. Active / Inactive toggle button

Click on the toggle button to make a program active or inactive. When you make a program inactive, the sign-up page will be disabled and will no longer allow registration of new clients.

2. Program Name

Your program name is displayed here.

3. Total Sessions

The total number of sessions (or hours) for the program package is displayed here.

4. First Session Duration

The duration of the 1st session is displayed here.

5. Subsequent Session Duration

The duration of subsequent sessions is displayed here.

6. Total Program Duration

The total duration of the program is displayed here.

7. Fees

If you are charging for your program, the fee amount is displayed here. The field is blank if you have not set up fees for the program.

Click 'View More' to see the payment methods available for the program as shown below:

8. View Sign-up Page URL Link


  • Click on the View Sign-up URL to be redirected to the sign-up page, or
  • Hover over and select 'Copy Link' to copy the URL link of the sign-up page

9. 3-dot button

You can manage your program by clicking on the 3-dot button:

  • Edit the program
  • Copy the link of this program's sign-up page
  • Invite clients to this specific program
  • Preview the sign-up page
  • Embed the sign-up page of this program on your personal website

10. Color-Coding

Your Program Cards are color-coded according to the color you've chosen when creating the program. The color code is also used as a visual cue on your Calendar for calendar entries associated with this program's appointments (or sessions).

6. Program Status Tabs

There are 3 program status tabs - Active, Inactive and Draft.

Depending on the status of your program, the program cards will be displayed in the respective tabs.


You cannot delete Active or Inactive programs. You can only toggle between making a program 'active' or 'inactive'. You can only delete a Draft program.

To disable a program if it is no longer relevant, you can use the Active/Inactive toggle button to make the program 'Inactive'. When you make a program 'Inactive', the sign-up page for that program will be disabled and no client sign ups are possible.

If you would like to enable the program again to accept client sign ups, simply click on the Active/Inactive toggle button again to make it 'Active'.

Note: If you are on the CoachVantage Clarity Plan, you can have a maximum of 2 active programs. If you would like to have more than 2 active programs, you will need to upgrade to the Aha! Plan, which allows you to have unlimited active programs.

The table below is a summary of each status:


Active Program


Inactive Program


Draft Program


Sign-up Page is live and clients can sign-upyesnono
Can Delete Program?nonoyes
Can Edit Program Settings?yesyesyes