Connecting Your External Calendar

Sync your external calendar with CoachVantage

To connect your external calendar to your CoachVantage account, click on your name on the top right corner of the top menu bar and select 'My Settings'. Select the 'Integrations' tab to get to the integrations page.

You will see the 'Connect to Calendar' section.

Connecting to your external calendar enables you to sync appointments that are created in your CoachVantage account to your external calendar, and vice versa.

Connect your External Calendar

CoachVantage can connect and sync with your preferred external calendar. There are several options of external calendars that you can connect to. These include iCloud, Google Cal, Office365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Once connected, calendar events that are created in CoachVantage will be synced with your external calendar, and vice versa. CoachVantage will also sync any existing calendar events from your external calendar to CoachVantage to avoid double-bookings from happening.

Here's how to sync your calendar:

1. Click on 'Connect to Calendar':

2. Select the external Calendar application that you would like to sync to. Supported calendars are iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange and

3. Enter your username and password for your external calendar.

4. Check "I agree to the Cronofy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy"

5. Choose which sub-calendars to connect with. You can select multiple sub-calendars to 'pull' events into your CoachVantage calendar. You can select only one calendar to 'push' events from your CoachVantage calendar to your external calendar.

Note: A 'sub-calendar' is a calendar that has been set up in your primary calendar account. For example, you may have 'Family' or 'Work' sub-calendars that are nested in your primary calendar.

6. Click 'Connect'.

Manage your Calendar Settings

Once your calendar is connected, CoachVantage will display which calendar(s) you are connected to.

We highly recommend that you select options to Check calendar for conflicts, Add new events, set up the calendar for Two-Way Sync and Cancellation notification.

This will ensure that you are not double-booked when setting up client appointments in CoachVantage as it will check your calendar for any external events that are marked as 'Busy' and warn you if there are conflicts. Your clients will also receive an email notification should you cancel an appointment from your external calendar.

Note: CoachVantage will ignore 'Free' events when checking for appointment conflicts.

Check calendar for conflicts

1. This setting allows CoachVantage to check your external calendar for any 'busy' events in real time before offering invitees open time slots on your public-facing booking page.

CoachVantage will not display the time range that are marked as 'busy' events in your connected calendar on your public-facing booking page. This therefore prevents you from being double booked.

Note: Only events marked as 'busy' in your external calendar will be checked to prevent conflicts. Events marked as 'free' will not be checked for conflicts.

For example, if you have an event that's marked as 'free' in your external calendar on Nov 20, 8am - 10am, CoachVantage will still display that time range as available for people to book an appointment with you.

2. Add new events to calendar

This feature allows CoachVantage to add new appointments that are created in CoachVantage, to your external calendar.

The details of the CoachVantage appointment that will be displayed on your external calendar include the Client's Name, Name of Appointment, Appointment Time and Location.


3. Two-Way Sync

When the 'two-way sync' setting is enabled (i.e. when the toggle button is 'green'), then eventd that are created in your external calendar would be displayed on your CoachVantage calendar as 'External Cal - Free Event' or 'External Cal -Busy Event' (depending on how these events are set up in your external calendar).

Add an event from your external calendar (google,outlook,etc)

Two-way sync is very useful to prevent yourself from being double-booked.

For example, you may have an event in your external calendar, like 'Aunt Mary's birthday party' on March 15, from 6pm-10pm. This event gets 'pulled' into your CoachVantage Calendar and will be displayed as "External Cal - Busy" event from 6pm-10pm. CoachVantage will intelligently omit the time range from 6pm-10pm on March 15 from being displayed on your booking page, thus preventing clients from booking an appointment with you during that time range.

Two-way sync is also very useful when you refer to your external calendar as the 'single source of truth' for all of your appointments (both coaching related and other activities).

Since CoachVantage 'pushes' all appointments that are created in your CoachVantage account to your external calendar, you will be able to see the client appointments (such as coaching sessions, event bookings, etc) in your external calendar, along with all of your other events that you have created directly in your external calendar.

4. Cancellation Notification

When the 'Cancellation notification' setting is enabled (i.e. when the toggle button is 'green':

CoachVantage will automatically send a cancellation notification by email to clients if you delete the client appointment directly from your external calendar.

The appointment entry will also be automatically cancelled (removed) from your CoachVantage Calendar as well.

Note: If you need to reschedule a CoachVantage appointment to another date/time, you will need to do so from within your CoachVantage account.

You cannot reschedule a CoachVantage appointment from your external calendar.

Change Calendar

You can connect CoachVantage to one primary external calendar to 'push' appointments that are created in CoachVantage. The appointments will be created in the primary external calendar account.

You can select multiple sub-calendars of your primary calendar account to 'pull' events into your CoachVantage calendar.

For example, you have a primary Google calendar account with the email In this primary email account, you may have sub-calendars that are labelled "Work", "Family", "Yoga", etc.

You will be able to pick and choose which of these sub-calendars CoachVantage should 'pull' events from. However, all of your CoachVantage appointments will be pushed to the primary (main) calendar account only.