How to Set Up Payment Options for your Coaching Programs


To set up payment options for your coaching programs, go to the 'Fees' step and select 'Yes' as shown below:

You can configure up to 3 payment options for clients to choose from on your program sign-up page (or landing page). This is an ideal way to provide flexibility to your clients so that they can choose the payment option that is most financially viable for them.

For example, you could create the following payment options:

One Time Investment: $1,200 one time charge

3-Month Installment Plan: $500/month for 3 months

6-Month Intallment Plan: $250/month for 6 months

To set up a payment option, click on '+ Add Payment Option'. You will be presented with a modal to enter the details of the payment option:

From the 'Payment Type' drop down selector, select one of these options:

Payment Type Options:

One Time

Select this option to set up a one-time fee. This option is used for clients to make a one-time fee upfront. The full amount will be charged immediately to their card or PayPal account.

Installment Plan

Select this option to set up a regular cadence of charges which could be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You must set a fixed number of occurrences for the charges. For example, charge every month for 6 occurrences (i.e. 6 months) or charge every year for 2 occurrences (i.e. 2 years). 

Note that when clients sign up for your program, they are charged immediately as part of the check out flow. This first charge is therefore the first occurrence. The next invoice or automatic card deduction will take place using the first occurrence charge date as the reference anniversary date for future billings.

For example, if you have set up a 6-Month Installment Plan, and if a client has made payment from your landing page on 15 March, then the next charge (i.e. the 2nd occurrence) will take place on 15 April. The final charge (i.e. the 6th occurrence) will take place on 15 August. 

Monthly Subscription

Select this option to set up an ongoing or evergreen monthly subscription method of payment. This option is great for an open-ended coaching program where your client pays a monthly fee to have access to your coaching services or programs. 

Note: There is no end date for monthly subscriptions. A subscription must be cancelled by either you or your client before it ends.