Client Portal Dashboard

Get a quick overview of your coaching programs, upcoming appointments and your to-do's

The Dashboard on the Client Portal provides a quick overview of the current state of your coaching journey with your Coach.

It is incredibly visual-friendly and lets you see, at one glance, the pertinent information that you need, such as which Coaching Programs you are enrolled in, your upcoming appointments with your Coach, and any to-do's that your Coach has assigned to you.

To view your Dashboard, click on 'Dashboard' on the left menu:

On your Dashboard, you'll be able to view:

  1. Upcoming Appointments
  2. Coaching Programs that you are enrolled in or have been invited to sign up to
  3. To-do's for assignments, goals and forms


1. Upcoming Appointments

Your upcoming appointments are displayed in chronological order from the earliest appointment date / time, to the latest.

You will be able to view:

  1. The number of upcoming appointments
  2. Your coach's name
  3. Name of Program / Appointment
  4. Start Time
  5. End Time
  6. Location

On the top right hand side, you will also be able to book an appointment with your Coach by clicking the 'Book Appointment' button. (Refer to the article 'How to Book Sessions (Appointments) with Your Coach' for more info).

Managing Upcoming Appointments

You can click on the eye icon of the appointment card to view the details of the appointment.

You'll be able to:

1. Cancel Appointment

2. Reschedule Appointment


Note: Your ability to cancel or reschedule appointments depends on whether your Coach has given you the permissions to do so. If you don't have the relevant permissions to cancel or reschedule, then the respective buttons will be disabled accordingly.

3. Coaching Programs

The Coaching Programs table lists the details of the coaching programs that you are enrolled in with your Coach, or have been invited to sign up / enrol in.

On the Coaching Programs card, you will be able to view:

  1. Coach's Name
  2. Program Name - you can click on the program name to be redirected to the program itself.
  3. Start Date
  4. End Date

3. To-do's for Goals/Assignments/Forms

These cards list all the Goals, Assignments and Forms that your Coach has assigned you to complete. You will also see the 'Due date', thus helping you to stay accountable and on track to complete your to do's in a timely manner.

By clicking on the goal, assignment or form name in the respective cards, it will redirect you to the relevant page where you can update your Goals, Assignments or fill in a Form.