Coaching Logs Overview

How to navigate your coaching logs

CoachVantage helps you automatically capture your coaching hours (both paid & pro-bono sessions) in the Coaching Logs, so you never miss capturing your coaching time. (See article on How to enable automatic logging of coaching sessions).

Additionally, you can quickly export your coaching log when needed, which can be used as supporting evidence for certification purposes.

To access your coaching logs, select 'Coaching Logs' on the left menu.

Features on Coaching Logs:

1. Search Bar

To search for a specific client in the coaching log table, enter their name or email in the search bar.

2. View

View your coaching log data according to a date range by selecting the desired start date and end date.

3. Total Coaching Hours

Your total paid and pro bono coaching hours are automatically calculated and displayed. (This information is also displayed on your Dashboard 'Account Snapshot' card, at the bottom of the Dashboard page).

4. Individual Clients' Coaching Hours

The 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of each client in your coaching log table displays the date of the very first session and the date of the most recent session, respectively.

If you would like to include or remove session hours for an individual client from your coaching log, please refer to this article on how you can do this

5. Export Data

Export your coaching log data to your PC or local drive at the click of a button. The file type will be downloaded in (.csv) format.