How to Sign Up for CoachVantage

How to complete the sign-up form to get access to your account

To sign up for CoachVantage, click here to be redirected to the Coach sign up page or copy/paste the link below on your browser:

Sign up Page


On the sign up form, fill in your:

1. First Name and Last Name

2. Business Email

You will receive all email notifications, updates and reminders from CoachVantage to your business email.

3. Business Name

Your Business Name would be displayed in all email notifications that are sent to your clients, as shown below:



4. Sub-domain Name

Customize your CoachVantage sub-domain name by entering your business name. The sub-domain URL will be visible to your clients and all your public-facing pages such as your program sign-up page and event booking page. It cannot be changed, so please choose carefully!

5. Time Zone

Select the time zone where you are located. You can use the drop down selector to choose your time zone. All appointments that are created in your account will be according to the time zone that you have selected. If required, you can change your time zone from the Settings page in your account after signing up.

6. Check the box if you agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click 'Sign Up'.

After Clicking 'Sign Up' Button:


IMPORTANT: You will receive an email for verification, so please check your business email inbox to verify your email! The email that you receive will look like this:

Click on the 'Click to Verify' button and it will open the 'Set Password' page.

Now key in your password. Your password needs to be a very strong password that fulfils the requirements as indicated in the form below:


Done! You have now successfully created your CoachVantage account and can start your 14-day free trial!