How to View Form Responses

You can view clients' responses to a form as an individual response or as aggregate (summary) for multiple responses

In this article, we will cover:

1. Where to view Form Respones

2. View Form Responses as Individual or Summary Responses

1. Where to view Form Responses

There are 3 ways to view Form Responses:

Forms Page

On each form card, the number of responses received is indicated under 'Responses'. Click on the number to view the form responses:

Individual Contact Record Page

Select the 'Forms' tab, then select the 'Completed' tab and click on the name of the form as shown below. This will allow you to view the contact's responses to the form.

This is a good way to check ad hoc forms with no program association for a specific client.

Tip: A form having an editable tag as shown below means that the contact has the ability to edit their form responses even after they have submitted the form.

Program Management Page

On the Program Management Page, select the 'Forms' ribbon then select the 'Completed' tab. Click on the form name to view the form responses, as shown below:


This is a good way to check responses to Intake Forms when your clients have signed up for your program.

2. View Form Responses as Individual or as Summary Responses

  1. To get to the Form Responses Page,
  2. Go to Form Page.
  3. Select 'Responses'.

Once you are on the 'Responses' page as shown below, you'll see:

  1. Individual tab
  2. Summary tab
  3. Response status tab

1. Individual Responses

To view individual responses, select the Client's Name, Program and Last Responded on from the dropdown as shown below.

2. Summary of Responses

You can also view a 'Summary' of all responses. This presents the data in an aggregated view, including pie charts and bar graphs.

View all responses for a specific coaching program by using the dropdown selector as shown below. You can also select 'No Association' to view the aggregated responses of ad hoc forms.

3. Response Status

Check the 'Response Status' tab to see which of your clients have responded or have yet to respond to the form.

You can send them a reminder to provide their response, by clicking on the mail icon.