Creating Invoices without Stripe or PayPal Integration

Learn how to track payment records if you don't integrate to Stripe or PayPal

CoachVantage supports integrations to Stripe and PayPal as payment gateways. However, even if you don't integrate to these payment gateways, you can still send invoices to clients, without the ability for them to make payments online.

You will need to manually record offline payments made by clients if you don't integrate Stripe or PayPal to CoachVantage.

Additionally, some clients may prefer to make offline payments by check or cash. You can still manually update your invoices by following the steps below:

1. Create an invoice.

Refer to this article "How to Create One-off Invoices and Recurring Invoices" for a more detailed steps of creating invoices.

2. Select the invoice you'd like to update.

Selecting the invoice would bring you to View Invoice Page as shown below.

3. Click 'Record Payment'.


Once you select 'Record Payment', the Add Payment pop-up would appear as shown below.

You can then enter the relevant information and choose the payment method which includes cash and check.

4. Save.

Once you clicked 'Save', you should be able to see the new record in the invoice payment history.