How to Send Contracts

Learn how to send contract documents to clients for e-signature

There are 2 ways to send a contract document to your clients for e-signature:

  1. Contracts Page
  2. An Individual Contact Record Page

1. Contracts Page

To go to the Contracts Page, click 'Contracts' on the left hand menu.

1. Select the 'Send Contract' button.

2. Click 'Upload File' and choose to 'Upload Locally'

    Important: Only PDF type documents can be selected. Other document formats such as .doc, .png, .jpeg, etc are not       supported at this time.

or from the 'Resource Library'.

You may also click the 'Choose From Template' button to select a template that you have already created.

3. Give the Document a title and click 'Next'.

Tip: The document title should be descriptive so that your clients will understand what it's about. For example, 'Coaching Agreement for John Smith'.

4. Choose to send to an existing client or a new client.

5. Edit the document by dragging and dropping the placeholder fields for signature, email, text and date, to the document:

To delete a placeholder field, double-click on the outline of the box and select 'Delete'.

Signee - Choose whether the information should be filled by 'Coach' or 'Clients.

Field Information - You can provide instructions to your client about how the field should be completed. Clients would be able to see your instructions on the placeholders.

Required Checkbox - Make a field optional or compulsory.

6. Preview the document, and if all is in order, click 'Send'.

7. CoachVantage will send an automated email to notify your client that you've sent a contract for them to sign. The email looks like this:

For more details on how clients can e-sign a contract, refer to this article: "How Clients E-sign Contracts

2. Individual Contact Record Page

You can also send contracts to a specific contact from the individual contact record page.

To go to the Individual Contact Record Page, select the name of your client while on the 'Contacts' Page.

To learn how to manage contracts on an individual contact record page, read the article on 'Contracts on Individual Contact Record Page'.

1. Click 'Send Contract'

2. The process of sending a contract is similar to the steps mentioned above. However, under 'Select Client', you will see that the client's name has already been auto-populated.