What does my Event Booking Page look like?

See what your clients see when they land on your event booking page

The images below illustrate what your event booking page looks like to clients:

Booking Page Preview

This is a preview of what your online booking page looks like when published.

About Me

Confirmation Page Settings

We've added a default message that your clients will see on the confirmation page after successfully booking the appointment. Feel free to change it or customise your message.

Note: When your clients have successfully booked an appointment, CoachVantage automatically sends an email confirmation containing the appointment details.

Display your social pages' icons

If you select 'Yes', your social pages' icons (Facebook, Instagram, etc) will be displayed on the confirmation page.

Note: You must configure your social pages' URL in My Profile > Business Details for the icons to be displayed.

Enable social sharing

If you select 'Yes', your clients can promote your event on their social pages after they have made a booking.



Enable page redirect

If you select 'Yes', you can automatically redirect clients to another web page (such as to your website or a custom thank you page ) from the confirmation page.

Simply enter the URL of the web page and set the time (in seconds) for auto-redirect.

Tip: You'll want to give your clients sufficient time to read the messages on the confirmation page, so be sure to set sufficient time before the redirection.

Client Testimonials

You can add up to 5 client testimonials.

Tip: Client testimonials are great for providing honest, unbiased feedback about you. It's a great way to demonstrate social proof of your value.


Clients would be able to book appointments with you according to your available time slots. Clients can view time slots according to the timezone that they are in: