How to use the Notepad Widget for Taking Session Notes

Learn the different features of your Notepad Widget (rich text editor)

In this article, we will be covering the different functions of your Notepad Widget to allow you to fully optimize the CoachVantage note-taking feature.

To learn more about the Notes feature, refer to these articles below:


1. Style

Change the style of your words in order to fit the message you're delivering.

2. Bold

You can bold words to create more impact.

3. Underline

You can bring more attention to underlined words.

4. Remove Font Style

Use Remove Font Style to undo the font you have chosen to the previous font.

5. Font

Choose your favorite font style.

6. Recent Color

Color your font with the most recent color you use.

7. More Color

Choose Background Color and Text Color for your Notes.

8. Unorder List

9. Order List

10. Paragraph

Choose the Alignment and Indents of your paragraphs.

11. Table

Create tables to better organize your notes.

12. Hyperlink

You can hyperlink text that will redirect to an URL.

13. Image

You can choose to insert images into your Notes. You can upload images from your local device or typing in a URL link to access an online image.


14. Video

Insert Video into your Notes by entering the URL link to the video.

15. Code View

Code View allows you to use HTML and CSS (for display) and Javascript (for any interactivity). It allows you more customizations using custom code, if you're so inclined!

16. Help

Learn more shortcut functions when taking Notes.

17. Full Screen

Click the 'Full Screen' icon, which will open the note pad in full screen so you can focus solely on note taking. Click the icon again to return to normal view.