How to E-sign a Contract in the Client Portal

To e-sign a contract, you must first have received a contract from your Coach. You will receive an email notification if your Coach has sent you a contract document for e-signature.

After receiving a contract from your coach:

Click on 'My Coach' on the left menu, then click on the dropdown 'Contracts'

Click on the desired contract that has a blue 'Sign' button, the status would be shown as 'Awaiting Your Signature'.

Click the 'Sign' button and you will be taken to the contract document. There will be fields for you to click on and enter your signature, date, etc.

Click on the signature field. You have two options:

a. To upload a signature image from your device :

1. Click on 'Upload Image' tab.

2. Choose file and upload your signature image.

3. Click 'Save' and your signature image will be placed in the signature field.


b. To draw your signature using a mouse or trackpad:

1. Click on the 'Signature' tab.

2. Use your mouse or trackpad to sign in the box.

3.Click 'Save'.

4.Click 'Clear' or 'Undo' if you wish to clear the signature or re-sign in the box.


5. Click on the date field and the date of signature.

6. After filling in the fields, click on the 'Complete' button (on the top right).

The contract document is now signed and completed and the status will be displayed as 'Completed', if all parties have signed the document.

You can also download the contract document or preview the document by selecting the 3-dot button menu, as shown below: