Contracts Feature Overview

Learn how to send contract documents to clients for e-signature and how to create contract templates


Contracts Feature Overview

To get to the Contracts Page, click 'Contracts' on the left menu.

On the Contracts page, you'll see:

  1. Look Up Contracts
  2. Send Contracts
  3. Documents tab
  4. Templates tab
  5. Archived tab

Contract Signature and Template Limits

Depending on the CoachVantage plan that you are subscribed to, there are limits on the number of contract e-signature requests and the number of contract templates that you can create.

Clarity Plan Limits:

4 Contract E-signature requests per month

2 Contract Templates

Aha! Plan Limits:

Unlimited Contract E-signature requests per month

5 Contract Templates

In addition, you can embed contract documents to your coaching program sign-up pages so that clients can e-sign the document during the online sign-up workflow.

1. Look Up Contracts

You'll see:

 1. Search Bar

Enter the Document Name or Client Name in the search bar to search for a specific contract document or for documents sent to a specific client, respectively.

2. Date Range

Search for contract documents (Last modified date) according to a date range by selecting the desired start date and end date.

3. Status


View contracts according to their status. Use the dropdown selector shown in the image above to select the status.

'Awaiting Your Signature' refers to documents that are pending your signature.

'Out for Signature' refers to documents that have been sent to clients and are pending their signature.

'Completed' refers to documents where both parties, Coach and Client, have signed the document.

2. Sending Contracts to Clients

You can send contracts by clicking the 'Send Contract' button.

Refer to this article on "How to Send Contracts" to learn more.

3. Documents tab

Select the 'Documents' tab to view contracts that have been sent to clients.

You'll be able to view Document Name, Sent To, Status and Last Modified.

Sign Contracts

You can sign contracts by clicking on the 'Sign' button on the left of Document Names (see image below). It will open the document for you to add your e-signature and other information as needed in the relevant placeholders.


The placeholders that you need to complete as a Coach will be displayed to you for completion.

Note: The placeholders that must be completed by respective parties are identified with a red asterisk.


When the signature placeholder has been clicked on, a window will pop-up allowing you to draw in your signature.

Or upload your signature image from your local device.

When the placeholders have been completed, it would look similar to the image shown below:

Finally, click 'Complete' to submit the contract (see image below):

Managing Contracts

You can manage your contract documents by clicking the 3-dot button:

1. Download

You can download the document to your device.

2. Preview

Preview allows you to view the contents of the document without downloading it to your device. A new browser tab opens that displays the document preview.

3. Send Reminder Email

CoachVantage will automatically send a reminder email to your client, reminding them that they have a contract that requires their signature.

A pop-up window would be triggered asking for confirmation to send a reminder email.

4. Void

If you'd like to void a contract after it's been sent, you can select 'Void' to negate the contract.

Clicking on the 'Void' button would trigger a pop-up window asking for confirmation to void your contract. You can also provide a reason for voiding the contract which would be included in the email to your client informing them of the contract being voided.

Once you have voided a document, it will move to the 'Archived' tab.

Important: You cannot void a 'Completed' document.

Contract Audit Trails

Once a contract has been signed by both parties, you will be able to find the 'Audit Trail' section at the end of the document when you preview the contract, as shown in the image below.

The audit trail provides a log of the date/time stamp when the document was sent, viewed, and signed, along with the IP addresses.

4. Contract Templates

Select the 'Templates' tab to create and manage contract templates.

Tip: Contract templates will save you time if you use the same document for clients to sign.

Note: You can upload documents in PDF format only. Other file formats like .doc, .png, etc, are not supported at this time.

After uploading the template document (for example, your Coaching Agreement), simply drag and drop the placeholder fields like 'Signature', 'Name', 'Date', etc on the template document. Once the template is saved, you can select it whenever you wish to send your Coaching Agreement to clients for signature. In this way, you won't need to drag and drop the placeholder fields each and every time you wish to send your Coaching Agreement to clients.

Note: Contract templates are also used if you wish to embed a contract for clients to e-sign during the program sign-up workflow. This feature is available only for Aha! Plan subscribers.


Create New Contract Template

To create a new template:

1. Select 'Create New Template'.

2. Click 'Upload File' and choose to 'Upload Locally' or 'Upload from Resource Library'. The file format must be PDF only. Other formats like .doc, .png, etc are not supported at this time.

3. Give the Template a name and click 'Next'.

4. Edit the document by dragging and dropping the placeholder fields for signature, date, name, email. It's up to you which fields you need to place on your template.

5. Preview the final template and click 'Next'. Then select 'Proceed' on the confirmation window to save the template.

You should see the new template saved in the 'Templates' tab.


Managing Templates

You can manage your contract templates by clicking the 3-dot button:


1. Edit

Make changes to your templates.

Important: These changes would not apply to templates that have already been sent out to clients.

2. Download

You can download the document to your device.

3. Delete

You can delete templates if they are no longer needed.

Important: Templates that are currently being used as embedded contract documents in your programs are not able to be deleted. You will first have to remove them from your program settings before you can delete the template.

5. Archived tab

Contracts that you've voided can be found in the 'Archived' tab.

You'll be able to view Document Name, Status and Last Modified.

Click on the dropdown under Status to see more information like the reason for voiding the contract.