How to Respond to Forms

Learn how to respond to forms (or questionnaires) that you Coach has sent you

Your Coach can send Forms to you to respond to. Forms can be associated with a coaching program or can be ad hoc forms (i.e. generic forms that aren't associated with a coaching program).

You can respond to forms from within your Client Portal only.

When your Coach has sent a form to you, you will receive an email notification:

To respond to a form:


This will open the form. After filling up the form, click on 'Submit':

You will see a 'Success' pop-up, indicating that the form has been successfully submitted to your Coach.

An email notification will be sent automatically to your Coach whenever a form has been submitted:

Once a form has been submitted, it will be moved automatically to the 'Completed' tab.

On the completed tab, if you see the 'Editable' flag, it means that you can edit the form responses and resubmit it to your Coach.

To edit a form :

  1. Click on the form name.
  2. Change your answers.
  3. Click "Submit".

After submitting your form, your form response will be updated, and an email to your coach about your updated response will be sent.